Past Puppies and Testimonials

Past Puppies

   …. From Sherry in Utah,

I have really learned to appreciate Sandy Schrock. It’s one thing to raise sound healthy puppies that you can put your signature on … but to go the extra mile that Sandy goes for her babies and their new parents, is beyond amazing. From day one after knowing I was going to be the mommy to beautiful Calico, Sandy made sure I was constantly updated on Calico journey to me. Every monday I would receive vidoes and or pictures of the litter growth. Sandy is what a breeder should be. Its not about money to Sandy,its about the journey and the joy these little being bring to her and thier new families. As Sandy puts it…These little poof’s of fluff are gifts from God to bring joy to others….Well said Sandy. I hope that I maintain a life long friendship with Sandy and I will strive with my poms to mirror Sandy…again Thank you Sandy for this little demon in fluff…we all love her to the moon and back!

   …. From Erin in Montana,

Genesis pomeranians provided us with the most beautiful baby boy we could imagine. He is full of personality, character, energy, and love. You can tell the breeder was extremely loving and caring with her pups. He is so healthy and spry!!!! His energy is the perfect addition to our family and we could not be more pleased with Genesis Pomeranians handling of the process. From breeding, to puppy selection, up until the day we got to pick him up, Sandy was involved with us the whole way. Thank you again for this miraculous little man. We are truly lucky to have found this breeder. In a sea of scammers, Sandy and Genesis pomeranians are the most honest and caring breeders I have ever come by. Erin Davis and Kyle Sayler

   ~   …. From Jodi in California,  


When my pom Lil Girl died it took me awhile to decide I was ready for a new fur baby. When I did I started looking all over the internet, no one popped out to me I just didn’t get that feel good feeling. When I found Genesis Pomeranian’s web site I got that feel good feeling, I sent a email on August 7, 2015 and Sandy responded right away. She has been great I told her what I was looking for and she put me on the waiting list and has answered all my silly questions and was very patient with me until we found the perfect match. (I wanted a puppy from JR) My Tink was born on September 13, 2016 and my life change for the better ever since that day. I love my little Tink so much she has been such a blessing to my family. Not only did I gain a new daughter I also feel I gained a friend with Sandy and I also gained a new friend with Tinks brother Raider and his new mommy. Sandy hung in there and helped me repair my heart and she is still there for me every time I have a silly question, Sandy goes above and beyond in my opinion to make sure her pom’s are very well cared for and they are healthy and ready to go to their new homes.


   …. From Gaylynn in Idaho,

I am a proud owner of a black Pomeranian with brown legs and three white tips. I was really excited to find a breeder in the Boise area that I could trust. After trying on the Internet twice and being scammed. Sandy was very helpful very informative knows all about Pomeranians and very patient with me. I would buy another Pomeranian from her in the future.


   …. From Toni in Idaho,

Let me start by saying how much I love my pup. The careful breeding done to produce him shows. He has a personality that doesn’t stop. He literally has stopped traffic on my street. And he is the best company ever, he is so loving. People stop no matter where I go because they are so impressed by his coat and color. I could go on all day about Joey and have but I want to say something about Genesis Pomeranians. They are so very thorough when they explain how to care for your little babies. They’ve always been there for me if I had a question or concern. My pup is 9 months and I still check in occasionally. Mostly to tell them how thankful I am to have my pup. From day 1 after putting down my deposit I have gotten weekly pics or videos showing me how Joey was doing and some of the cute things he does. Sometimes a couple of times a week. They were so patient with my impatience to get my hands on him. They wouldn’t let him go until he was ready so I waited. So glad they put him first. I can easily highly recommend them for their care of the dogs, their knowledge of what they are doing and their high standards. You get one of their pups you get 100% quality.


   …. From Diana in Nevada,

I love my bundle of joy he’s very smart and working with Sandy was amazing. She’s a awesome lady and we still send up dates on him. I couldn’t be happier. Our vet was very impressed with Sandy’s files that came with him. My vet said he’s the perfect Pom baby. I can’t thank you enough Sandy for him, he’s my pride and joy! Thank you, From Diana King ðŸ’–


 …. From Jari in Idaho,

Hi Sandy, I thought I would give you an update on Bindi.. She is spoiled rotten!  She is doing very well on the house training, very picky eater Lol, but is a joy to all of us! With as cold as it has been I bought her some boots. She actually doesn’t mind them. Thanks for breeding such great dogs.


 …. From Vickie in Idaho,

Hi Sandy, Just got back from picking up Rizzy from her first day at the Puppy Parlor. Thought she was so pretty, sorry for the mess of toys but she loves her toys! She’s so amazing, she’s the sweetest kindest and she’s so in love with me. Every morning she gets out of her crate, comes up on our bed and has to stick her nose under my nose and then she wants to be fed breakfast….spoiled little girl, I just love her! She has a personality bigger than I ever imagined, she is so smart and funny and keeps us laughing all the time. She’s not afraid of anything, we just love her to pieces……Thank you again!!