Genesis Pomeranians Puppy Guarantee

__ As a promise that your Genesis Pomeranian Puppy has received ‘age appropriate’ vaccinations, I will guarantee the health of your puppy for 72 hours from the time you acquire him / her. If your puppy contracts a disease within that time period, I will replace that puppy with one of equal value upon veterinary statement of illness and/or death and/or return of puppy.

__ If your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic defect, (that is directly related to my breeding program), within 1 year of purchase, I will replace upon return of affected dog or give a 50% discount on purchase of a new dog. I know that by that time the puppy is part of your family and you may not want to give it back. IT SHOULD NOT BE BRED. You must have a veterinary statement of condition and options.

*Excluded in this guarantee is luxating patellas and collapsing tracheas. Because both can be brought on by trauma. Luxating patellas can be caused by jumping on and off couches and other furniture or in and out of vehicles. The active stress can complicate the development or traumatize the growing joints. Collars can contribute to the collapsing trachea/reverse sneeze as can obesity. I have worked hard at keeping my lines free of these issues but cannot guarantee they won’t occur due to the possibility of being trauma induced.

* Excluded in this guarantee is male cryptorchidism. A cryptorchid is hereditary. I will guarantee that I do not nor will I ever have a cryptorchid in my breeding program. However, it is always possible that  way back behind my program, somebody bred a cryptorchid male!! I cannot though be held responsible for what happened hereditary wise way behind my dogs.

__ I will not guarantee the adult size of your puppy. Pomeranians have been downsized from an original size of about 35 pounds. It is possible, but not common, to have what is known as a ‘throwback’ that becomes larger than its parents. Some will grow early and others are late bloomers. I will declare weights of the parents and any known ancestors of your puppy.

__ Adult colors on Pomeranian puppies are not guaranteed. Pom colors can change! I can have a pretty good idea of what color they will be but no guarantees!

__ As a THANK YOU! to my return puppy buyers, I offer a $50.00 discount on the advertised price of future puppy purchases.

Click the link below to view Genesis Pomeranians Purchase Agreement.

The Official Genesis Puppy Purchase Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Ship My Puppy To Me?

YES I CAN. I will help with transporting your precious little one by offering personal delivery if possible, or meeting in person part way. Please contact me for additional details.

 Can I Visit the Puppies?

Many people have asked me if they can pick out, see, or play with their puppies before they are ready to go at 8-weeks-old. The answer to the question is NO. There are several reasons why I do not allow anyone in my home and/or around the new puppies between birth and 8 weeks – all to protect our dogs and your puppy. Below you will find not only details as to why the answer is no but also information as to what you can do in the mean time to prepare for your puppy.

First, it is extremely stressful for the Mom to have strangers in her home as she is caring for her new litter. This in turn will put stress on the new born pups. Remember, you are one of many people who are getting a puppy, not including everyone else who “just wants to peek at the new babies.” If we allow everyone to see, touch, or spend time with the new pups, the Moms’ routine would be disrupted: her eating and caring for pups and even her ability to produce enough healthy milk for them could be at risk.

Like a new baby, the opportunity for young puppies to pick up infectious diseases is increased with all new contacts. Their immune systems are building, so during this delicate time, the Moms and puppies are in what I call my ‘Puppy Room’ which is separate from all outside traffic. Most illnesses and diseases are innocently carried on people’s shoes and clothing. Entire litters of puppies can be wiped out within 48 hours by the puppy killer virus, Parvo. This disease could be picked up unknowingly by people in a school yard, a park, or on a sidewalk, and this is only one disease. I cannot risk exposing my dogs and your puppy to diseases that could destroy them.

Your puppy is not the only puppy. By protecting all of the puppies from stress and disease that could be brought on by high traffic, I am protecting your puppy. Just think about how you would feel if someone who just wanted to see his or her pup happened to bring in stress or illness that would cause me to lose a litter and you to lose your future puppy. I have heard from many people that pet stores, other breeders, or other kennels let clients visit puppies; the reality is that their number one concern is selling a puppy. Will those people be there to support you and guide you in the days, weeks, or years after you get your puppy home? Are they willing and capable to help you with training, breeding, behavioral, or health questions? Just because someone allows you to see the puppy, it does not indicate the quality of dog or of service you will receive throughout the puppy’s lifetime.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I take great care and much time caring for all of my dogs and their puppies. It is time and energy consuming. I understand your excitement, and I am happy that you are enthusiastic about getting your puppy. But until you take your puppy home, I am responsible for his or hers health and safety. I guarantee you that in 8 weeks after the birth it will be well worth your wait.

In the meantime, you can prepare your home for your new puppy:

Puppy proof your house.

Get a Vari Kennel (type of dog crate) for crate training.

Get some good puppy toys, (I recommend teething bones, gummy bones, and other chew toys), not stuffed or squeaky because the puppy can choke on the stuffing and/or the squeaker).

Get an appropriate size leash and collar.

Get puppy food. I will send home a small bag of the food they’ve been eating.

Get stainless steel food and water dishes.

Call me with questions. I’m here to talk with you about the progress of your puppy.

How Do I Prepare & Welcome My New Pomeranian Puppy Into My Home?

It’s a really good idea to find a good book(s) or DVD(s) to learn about the Pomeranian breed before bringing it home. This information can be priceless when it comes to providing a happy and healthy home for him/her. Find out everything you can about the right food for your Pomeranian puppy and how often they should be fed. You will need some accessories like a collar, leash, puppy toys, a good selection of grooming tools, and a crate or pen to aid in house training. These are just a few of the things to get ahead of time so that you are prepared for your puppy’s arrival.

Puppies need their own space, so providing them with a comfortable bed and a quiet place to sleep is very important. They should also have their own food and water dishes along with some safe puppy toys. All puppies will chew and this is a natural phase of all puppy development. Providing them with something that satisfies that urge to chew will hopefully keep them away from your shoes!

Choose a veterinarian that you will be bringing your Pomeranian puppy to for health exams and vaccinations. This will be a place that your puppy will visit soon after its arrival, so you may want to go ahead of time to meet the veterinarian and be sure you have made the right choice for both of you.

The proper development and behavior of your new Pomeranian puppy is up to you. Training and socializing is needed to ensure that your new puppy will be a joy to be around for many years to come.

What About My New Pomeranian Puppys’ Sleep Requirements?

Puppies are a lot like human babies – they play hard, and they need to sleep hard too. Though veterinarians still don’t know exactly how puppy brains develop, they know that sleeping, (as well as playing), is very important to the development process. While your pup is conked out on the carpet, his brain is busy maturing and building new neural connections.

Puppies need as much sleep as they can get. As long as he’s eating and drinking like he usually does, and he’s active and playful when he’s awake, his sleep shouldn’t be a problem. Over time he’ll adjust to your schedule, and he’ll probably learn to sleep when you sleep at night, and nap whenever he feels like it during the day, (one of the advantages of a dog’s life!). His body will do a pretty good job of getting him the sleep he needs, as long as it isn’t interfered with. So if you see your Pomeranian puppy napping, don’t wake him up to play. Let him sleep, unless you need to wake him to keep him on his feeding or elimination schedule.

If you’re worried that your Pomeranian puppy’s sleeping – or any aspect of his behavior – isn’t normal, or if his behavior changes suddenly or dramatically, make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your puppy checked out.


Go to this page for a complete description of AKC Standards …. http://www.akc.org/breeds/pomeranian/